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Out Now: ELEKTROJUDAS & XNDL limited split 12″ Vinyl

This split LP featuring seven tracks by elektrojudas and XNDL, the two collaborators give an impressive insight into the hidden kinship between abstract instrumental hip hop and drone electronica.

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Forthcoming 7″ on MISM Rec. feat. MATTR, KAEOFLUX, BIT TUNER & XNDL

I´m happy to announce my first contribution for this year. It´s a release on a affiliated Label from Swizzerland. It´s called MISM RECORDS and i know these guys personally from back in the days when i was running Subversiv*Rec. They are specialized in 7″ vinyls, one of my favorite formats and featured other guys like Babelfish, Bleubird a.o. on their last releases.

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