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New video from the forthcoming MMXIV Album by PROFANITY STATE

I´m always excited like a 5 year old kid when Profanity State tells me that he has finished a new video for one of my tracks again.
The main reason is that I never know what track he has chosen and what comes out at the end. I only know it will be brilliant…

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Video: XNDL „burn dem & dstroy dem“ by PROFANITY STATE

XNDL – burn dem & dstroy dem from XNDL on Vimeo.

The track contains samples by Sizzla and the song called „destroy dem“

Thanks a lot for the absolutely wicked crime scene style presented by PROFANITY STATE feat NOK, DOMINIK 0911 and ÖLI. Definitely more than just a video clip…

more info:

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