Sticky: Welcome to the Offbeat*Network…

Category : # NEWS 26. September 2009

This is the official blog of the OFFBEAT*NETWORK. The network formerly hosted a couple of organisations like SUBVERSIV*REC. the OFFBEATERS, COGNITIVE*DEFECT, VINYLKINGZ and a lot of artists like OTM, RUSHYA, SUBVERSION*SQUAD, GUNPORN and many more.

Well the times have changed and the network-activities are not as numerous as in the past. Most of these guys (including me) are concentrating more on other projects or things like regular jobs, family and so on… nothing but a regular process.

Nonetheless there is still a flame burning and i just want to keep it alive. This blog contains all kind of info about music, affiliates, interesting topics, politics & bullshit and what´s in my mind at the moment… watch out for my Twitter and Facebook-profile too.

Thanks for your interest…