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Some new tracks finished, what now?

Category : # NEWS 2. September 2009


I just found a couple of officially unreleased tracks on my harddisc and ask me what to do now with them.
Making a new album on CD or a digital release nobody wants to pay for (what i really can understand)?

That´s really a weird situation because i think „free“ music is only a clever solution for people who are making money with shows/bookings. Just for promo and nothing else.I don´t have the time and interest in doing a lot of shows and do not need that promotion effect either. I also don´t want to make one of these „free albums“ because i think music is not only art and a way to express myself, it´s also work… and i never work for free.

You know what i mean? I would trade something or accept some favors… maybe you wash my car and i´m gonna give you a album or other nice ideas.

Well, i think i´m collecting more tracks and maybe somewhere in the future i´ll find a answer and a solution.

Maybe you guys have a answer…

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10 Jahren ago ·

hast du dir schon mal diese profikiste bei jamendo angeschaut?

10 Jahren ago ·

ja,das habe ich. ich halte aber persönlich nicht viel von MP3 releases und meine „kunden“ auch nicht. dann kann ich das auch gleich umsonst ins netz stellen.

das werde ich dann auch in zukunft mit den alten sachen so machen.aber was neues,würde ich schon lieber jemandem in die hand geben können. zumindest in einer kleinen auflage…

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