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[listening to] Blackalicious – Deception

Category : # MUSIC 2. Dezember 2009

Just another classic song by Blackalicious… their first album “melodica” is still in my alltime-top-10 of HipHop albums.Nothing more to say. Yes, the video is excellent too…

RT @stuerz Die Stadt Augsburg …

Category : # TWITTER 1. Dezember 2009

RT @stuerz Die Stadt Augsburg macht Parkplätze zur Weihnachtszeit gebührenpflichtig, die sonst kostenfrei sind #fail #plärrer #abzocke

[listening to] CHIP FU – hiphop general

Category : # MUSIC 27. November 2009

Yes… it´s weekend! Sit back and relax…

[listening to] Jose James – Park Bench People

Category : # MUSIC 27. November 2009

A few weeks ago i said the original FREESTYLE FELLOWSHIP version is better than this one. After listening to this song about one hour – on and on and on – and see my daughter (at the age of 11 months) dancing and swinging to that track i just can love it. The version on the album contains a longer instrumental part. very good… really good. Her taste of music is very good too…

[listening to] Bizzy Bone – Automatic Glock Exclusive

Category : # MUSIC 27. November 2009

Yes,i know how old I am and I also know the fact that I basically should not listen to stuff like this… but this track is dope. not the chorus, not the production, not the lyrics, but i still dig that kind of rapping. faaaast and on point. The first Bone´Thugz`N Harmony album is a classic.Nobody really can deny that. Btw sounds like Dose One to me. So is that a excuse or not? ;)