Out Now: ELEKTROJUDAS & XNDL limited split 12″ Vinyl

Category : # MUSIC, # NEWS 13. Februar 2015

Elektrojudas & Xndl split lpFinally my new Vinyl-Release is out now and I´m quite happy that Attenuation Circuit Rec. / EMERGE gave us the opportunity to do that piece of black gold.

For most of artists, labels and music collectors like we are is Vinyl the „Major-League“, quite expensive and a high monetary risk, but still the ultimate medium and appreciation for our music.

I really appreciate it because I know how hard it is to run a Indie-Label these days.

Well, it´s a split release with elektrojudas I personally know for a couple of years right now and I think this combination works quite fine on this Split-12″-Vinyl.

The LP contains seven tracks (three of mine) and this time even more relaxed and laid back ones than most of my other releases. Fortunately it features two of my favorite tracks so far and I hope you´ll enjoy it too.

It´s limited on 200 copies and a good weapon of choice for record collectors in the near future.

Only on this website you can find a special bundle-offer and you can purchase my new MMXIV album plus the Split-Vinyl for a quite good price I think.

You can geht more details about the ELEKTROJUDAS & XNDL – split 12 Vinyl LP in the releases-section on this website or here.

In case you want to order the Vinyl only, don´t hesitate to do that straight here.