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[listening and crying to] Society Suckers – toxic (cover version)

Category : # MUSIC 23. September 2009

I´m just remembering on the legendary subversion event we organized with Ludwig Van Breakhoven from the Society Suckers probably 3 years ago… I´m sure there was never a event like this and the masses of visitors before in this venue. Space and projected for 100 people and more about 250 in every section of this building. Probably i should better have ended my career as a event manager after that.

I really do not like Britney Spears or any song of her – or any song of girls like her – or any girls like her at all – BUT toxic is awsome, the instrumental, the production even Britney herself. She also should have better ended her career after putting out that masterpiece before cutting her hair and becoming an uncontrollable victim of her non-existing-childhood and moneyhungry-vampires…

Dear Sir Ludwig-i´m-laying-around-on-the-floor-after-a-bottle-of-whiskey-Van-Breakhoven. We love you for that and i´m sure you´re still Loki´s hero besides your friend Zombieflesheater

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