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Back again…

Category : # MUSIC, # NEWS 1. Mai 2013


After months of beeing offline, my Blog is working again. So it´s absolutely necessary to keep you guys updated about my uninteresting activities…

First of all i need to update my discography and want to tell you something about a new compilation i´ve contributed a track to.

It´s called „imputed“ and presents a mixture of all sounds you can imagine. Weird,noisy, beautiful, abstract, headbanging and so on. I´m on that compilation with one quite new track called „mrderah“. Basically it contains some vocal cuts, but for this compilation I´ve contributed the instrumental-only version of this track. So check it out…

Attenuation Circuit: http://attenuationcircuit.wix.com/attenuation-circuit#!__imputed

Here´s the direct link to the Bandcamp Profile: http://emerge.bandcamp.com/album/imputed


XNDL´s Choice @ www.stuffbeaters.de

Category : # NEWS 18. Oktober 2011

Now my special selection of favorite clothing is available on www.stuffbeaters.de/xndl. I just made a collection of my favorite stuff including, Caps, Hoodies, Pants and so on. Maybe interesting, mabye not… ah yes, people who want to order something of that collection can write me an email and i´ll send you a 10€ coupon for your order (>50€).

XNDL live @ AU!GUSTAV Festival | 15.04.11 – Ballonfabrik Augsburg

Category : # NEWS, # PARTIES & EVENTS 8. April 2011

XNDL live @ AU!GUSTAV Festival | 15.04.11 – Ballonfabrik Augsburg


Category : # NEWS 4. August 2010


Category : # NEWS 4. August 2010