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Fast, Faster, Illegal Uploader…

Category : # NEWS 22. Dezember 2014
Fast, Faster, Illegal Uploader…

It took exactly 2 days and now you can download my new Album XNDL – MMXIV illegally on some notorious Download-Portals! That´s fast. It´s even better listed on Google as the official artist pages.

New video from the forthcoming MMXIV Album by PROFANITY STATE

Category : # MUSIC 30. Oktober 2014

I´m always excited like a 5 year old kid when Profanity State tells me that he has finished a new video for one of my tracks again.

The main reason is that I never know what track he has chosen and what comes out at the end. I only know it will be fucking brilliant…

This time he made a video for the track „brecher“. Basically it is a quite old track that was formerly released on a digital compilation on Milled Pavement Records a few years ago and I „just“ made some new arrangements and smaller changes this year. I dont know why but a few people seem to like that track and that´s the main reason I put it on my new official releases that will come out still this year.

However… this video is great again and I have to thank Profanity State for his very professional work and supporting me and my music…

Check it out, spread the word and share it if you like. THX.


Category : # NEWS 11. August 2014

Once again Profanity State made an awsome video for one of my tracks. Thanks a lot for this awsome work again!

Soon on ATTENTUATION CIRCUIT – Elektrojudas & Xndl split 12″ vinyl

Category : # NEWS 5. April 2014

At the moment we´re finishing the work for the forthcoming Elektrojudas & Xndl split Vinyl 12″ release on Attenuation Circuit.

The release-date will be early Summer 2014 so far. The Vinyl contains 6 tracks and there will be also a limited CD edition. The record is strictly limited to 300 copies i think and will be a very fine collectors´item for all Vinyl-lovers…

Just check out the Trailers…


Lipstick Of The Reddest Color [XNDL Remix]

Category : # MUSIC, # NEWS 11. Mai 2013

Don´t forget this side-project from my old friend and my mate Chryso.
I also did a remix for this awsome project.

>> Lipstick Of The Reddest Color [XNDL Remix]