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20.06.09 – XNDL @ Pony & Kleid

Category : # PARTIES & EVENTS 24. Juni 2009

Last week i had my first live-event since more than a half year. It took place at a lovely barbershop called „pony & kleid“. Besides me two other guys and mates of mine were performing too… Elektrojudas and DJ Sneppa.

Well it was quite big for a barbershop and the building quite old. Before i was starting to play, there was something like a spectacle in front of the shop in a lovely small yard. I was quite busy with the technical stuff and (hate me now) i´m really not interested in stuff like that ;). Well, after that i played for an hour mostly of my new stuff. I used my new AKAI MPD32 again and was still amazed about the things you can do with it. Playing live-drums, playing around with effects and controlling – in this case – ableton live.
After my set i immediately went home because… i don´t know why. Maybe i´m too old to hang around in places like that. Yeah, now i remember, when i was back at home, the first thing i did was playing DEAD SPACE on my brandnew blood-red limited XBOX 360. THAT`s the a real age-based hobby for me ;).

When i was writing this article i already knew that it was one of the most boring ones i´ve ever seen… but who cares, i need some content for my blog…

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8 Jahren ago ·

yes it was i nice evening in the barber shop we (dj sneppa and my self) played till sunrise

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