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SOSO - tenth street and clarence

The classic album from the group as a whole, back when Rob One was still in affect (R.I.P.) from 1999/2000. Some of these songs ended up on vinyl singles that are hard to get these days. Still, those were different versions than the ones on this album.

We are releasing this one together with the swedish label 247 Records . Production is handled by Omid, Fat Jack, Paris Zax, Life Rexall etc. You get vocals from everyone in the supergroup such as Awol One, Existereo, Circus, 2Mex and even Mikah 9 joins in on one song.

Limited to 1000 pcs. The last chance to get this early westcoast underground release.

Side A & B
1.Who's Got Presence | MP3
2.Prevail | MP3
3.Hootie and the Brainfish | MP3
4.Reiterate | MP3
5.Rob One Mixtape Megamix | MP3
6.Words of Wizdumb | MP3
7.Mos Eisley | MP3
Side C & D
8.Strange Birds   | MP3
9.Flossin' | MP3
10.Chain Name | MP3
11.Planet Rock 2012 | MP3
12.Triple Threat | MP3
13.Beetleborg | MP3
14.Wake Up Dead feat.Mikah 9 | MP3
15.Korn Bizkit | MP3