compilation vol.1

Subversiv*Rec. presents the first strike of it´s new Elektronika series.

This is the first promotional release of the SUBVERSION event-series that presents strictly rough electonical styles like breakcore, raggacore, d&b , brokenbeats or elektro (-punk).
The cd is limited to 111 copies and not distributed than the other SUBVERSIV*REC. releases.It´s only available at a few stores and in the Offbeat*Mailorder.
For audio files check the SUBVERSION Vol.1 Last.Fm site and for more info and links to all artists featured on this or any other SUBVERSION event the SUBVERSION-Website

Mastering + Artwork by XNDL

DOSHY - bang bang booooom (5:07)
LAKRITZE - fuggercore (4:07)
SPUTNIKBOOSTER - nanobooster (3:25)
SPUTNIKBOOSTER - computertoy (3:55)
KASHMIR - eastbreakk (4:14)
LFO DEMON - california unter alles (6:37)
LFO DEMON - flying fish (5:14)
LOKI - bloody haze (4:04)
LOKI - galaxa warp (5:18)
XNDL - i am what iam (3:10)
XNDL - n.e.s. feat. YTCRACKER (3:30)
ELEKTROJUDAS - vollmond (5:04)
ELEKTROJUDAS - das ende (3:47)
LE SIFF - aufgewacht (4:34)
Zet - project file (5:45) BONUS GUEST
Audio Snippets [6mb]