split series vol.2

SOSO - tenth street and clarence

Astronautalis does the rapping. Sometimes when he has had a few drinks in him, he will tell you he wants to start an electro group called „moms on meth“ ... and sometimes
when the sunset is nice, he will tell you he wants to play country music....
That´s exactly how we can describe his
music... warm-cold-analogue- electronical-country-indie-rock-hiphop.

Yes, it´s definitely how it sounds...
Babel Fishh is a man without a bio-
graphy. All we have found is this
rewiew about his first album and we
think this guy hits the mark....
>> listening to this cd is way better than taking your socks off under the covers after
a sixty nine mile hike through a pit of stain
washed mullet wearing drunks and pseudo-
gangster one hit wonders grabbing at your
ankles shouting " I can do that!" <<
In other words, electronical-trashabilly-weirdhop... just good music!

The artwork is done by Gordon and Andy K for Project Mooncircle/Beta Bodega C.
Mastering by
Xndl for Subversiv*Rec.


1) these are the best days of your life
2) that’s what makes the jukebox play
3) the unfortunate affairs of mary and earl
4) some things will never change
5) ocean walk [bonus track]

1) warnin whistle
2) another away we go
3) my friend scott
4) hank williams' liver
5) no invention fate
6) chaos runs the factory
7) burial cloth lodge
8) walmart is satan
audio-snippets [7min & 6MB]