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>> Subversiv*Rec
Subversion Vol.1 CD" > SV45/2007- on stock -
Subversiv*Rec. presents the first strike of it´s new Elektronika series.
This is the first promotional release of the SUBVERSION event-series that presents strictly rough electonical styles like breakcore, raggacore, d&b , brokenbeats or elektro (-punk).

The cd is limited to 111 copies and not distributed than the other SUBVERSIV*REC. releases.It´s only available at a few stores and in the Offbeat*Mailorder.

For audio files check the SUBVERSION Vol.1 Last.Fm site and for more info and links to all artists featured on this or any other SUBVERSION event the SUBVERSION-Website


Xndl still there CD > S*V|044/2006 - on stock -
The SUBVERSIV*REC. founder, Rushya and Gunporn producer Xndl presents his new album "still there" and once again a huge range of musical styles.Mostly electronical and IDM influenced music but also analogue sample-based or even Breakcore/Techno influenced sounds can be found on his new album.Once again affiliated artists are featured. Epic from Clotheshorse Rec (CA), Demune (Ponowai Flora/USA) and Time (USA) have contributed their vocals for this album. There also can be found a remix project.Mr. Cooper (Wimm Rec) gave Xndl sounds for remixing one of his tracks.This CD contains 13 tracks + random bonus tracks. Audio Snippets: i think he means you... / days´n´times rmx feat.EPIC [chrec.] / still there... / tongues / der nächste! / machinehead / stolen gems samples by MR.COOPER / broken demons feat. DEMUNE: VIDEO: XNDL - on TV

The album is limited to 3x111 copies. Every edition contains 2 different hidden bonus tracks.

Xndl still there DOWNLOAD version > S*V|044/2006 - on stock -
The download version of the album contains the artwork, a press sheet and high quality MP3s (256kbps) of this album. After payment, we send you a link where you can download the zipped folder containing everything.
Astronautalis & Babel Fishh split series 2 12" > SV/OB|032/2006- on stock -
warm-cold-analogue- electronical-country-indie-rock-hiphop.Yes, it´s definitely how it sounds... Babel Fishh is a man without a biography. All we have found is this review about his first album and we think this guy hits the mark..<<In other words, electronical-trashabilly-weirdhop... just good music! The artwork is done by Gordon and Andy K for Project Mooncircle/Beta Bodega C.Mastering by Xndl for Subversiv*Rec.
Third World Cup "brought by Arepaz/Botanica Del Jibaro" digipack > SV/ARPZ|013/2006- on stock -
The first collaboration of Subversiv*Rec. and Miami´s Botanica Del Jibaro/Arepazwith the help of the Project Mooncircle.A summer release, sunny, mostly instrumental, electronical, funky, original Botanica South-American style.The semi-finals are over and finals are here! With a squad of players and freedom fighters that include: Seven Star, Epstein, Deviant, Manuvers, Miles, V8 and Boom & Birds. Third World Cup 2006 is the official and renegade Third World Power: Rice and Beans soccer league. Third World Power: Unlike other organizations that act more like a world government fueled by corporate sponsors, Third World Cup are the games of the people! Audio Snippet (6Mb)

The Shapeshifters "adopted by aliens " 2LP > SV/TFS|031/2006- on stock -
The classical early Shapeshifters stuff on this limited 2lp.Love it or hate it original trash-rap-stuf produced by artists like Omid, Paris Zax, Fat Jack feat. the whole Shapeshifters Posse like Awol One, Existereo, Circus, 2Mex and others... In co-laboration with 247 records /sweden
Offbeats "vol.3" CD > SV/ZH|011/2006 - on stock -
The part 3 of this very successful abstract HipHop/Elektronika compilation is landed and presents once again a huge range of intelligent and experimental sounds between analogue and digital....Mr.Cooper, Babelfish,Curse Ov Dialect, Seven Star, RushYA, Normablock, Astronautalis, Nomad, Xndl, Calm, Tapemouth, Shadow Huntaz, Kareem, Mattr, Brenmar & K-The-I??? a.o.

Shadowanimals "winter collection " LP > SV/OB|029/2006- on stock -
The Shadowanimals are a international collective of independent artists consisting of groups like Cavemen Speak ,World After 4/02 , Stacs Of Stamina,Gunporn (Bleubird, Nomad & Siaz, Marcus Graap & Xndl),K-The-???, Epic a.o. .This compilation presents you
the electronical side of the independent HipHop of today. People who hate HipHop should chck that shit out... Audio files: Cavemen Speak - top of ... / Nuccini - vocal booth / Gunporn -pretty pretty rmx 05 (xndl) / Epic & Nomad - i want peace
Soso "tenth street and clarence " LP > SV/OB|028/2006- on stock -
Once again, the label mate of EPIC shows us how the Canadian HipHop sounds... beautyful melodies, slow-motion analogue instrumentalism and skilled rhymes... for people who prefer stuff from people like Sixtoo, Controller 7 and so on... this album was voted for one of the best releases in 2005 on the french HipHop Platform "HipHopCore"... 30% instrumental, 70% vocal-tracks for those who want to know... for all couch-surfers, emo-hoppers and moms in the world. Audio samples: Your skin brown from the sun / Waiting under a wax paper sky / Things that make what a man is
RUSHYA / MATTR "split" EP > ZH/OB|030/2005- on stock -
RUSHYA are Ancient Mith [vocals] & Xndl (production) and well known for their electronical and IDM influenced quite dark abstract hiphop. The RUSHYA side features 2 vocal tracks including a feature of the Gunporn buddy Bleubird + 2 (different) instrumental compositions. MATTR is a Swiss-based producer with also quite abstract and electronical sounds. He features the Motion Recordings heroes DEMUNE , EXTRA KOOL , Ancient Mith and Dj Questionmark This side also contains 2 vocal tracks and 2 instrumental compositions.Total playtime ca 35min.Audio samples: we all are going to... / gypsy / spheres / resident evil / plastic / fertile/infertile environments /
Scott Da Ros "they made me do it " 7" > VK/OB|026/2005- on stock -
A cooperation of Endemik and Subversiv*Rec feat Bleubird, K-the-???, Noah 23, Apt, Astronautalis (release projected on S*V in the future) and Dj Immortal with finest electronical/rough sounds... if you liked stuff like Sole, Gunporn or early Company Flow, you´ll like this one too . they made me do it / ocean splits in half
Disflex 6 "robot dreams " LP > VK/OB|027/2005 - on stock -
Disflex 6 (also released on Lex Records) on Subversiv*rec... minimal hiphop at it´s best... for people who liked the Elonis album and other stuff from the Sunset League... i would also say Eligh fans will also love it because of the similar flow/voice and the vibe of some tracks. bomb the factory / program / dream sequence / the circus / star log / curtain call

Mnemotrauma "der audiopath" > VK/OB|006/2003 - on stock -
The remastered vinyl version of his latest album.A great instrumental album with amazing vocals-samples and arrangements.I would say it sounds like a more organic version of the Isolationist (Vadim+Antipop Consortium) project.Audio samples:
absolute lebensgefahr / kinder der nacht / schocktherapie / zivilisiert


SPEX & KEGS the thickest fog 10" -on stock-
Spex gets together with that slump-beatmaker Kegs for one raw and dirty album as The Farthest Artists! People who liked the Beneath the surface project won´t be disappointed.A SUBLEVEL EPIDEMIC production released and manufactured by VINYLKINGZ in co-operation with SUBVERSIV*REC.Lim.edition 500. Audio samples: the thickest fog / my own plan it

World After 4/02 vikings & waffles LP " -on stock -
The incredible Marcus from stacs of stamina (SWE) and the unobtainable Tom from cavemen speak... (BEL). It all started right there with those few dope live shows from stacs and cavemen during these cold winter days and developed from doing one song on cavemen speaks' shadowanimals-solos release to a serious fullgrown way of handling things. Audio samples: Metropolite / Did Your Mom Wash My Clothes ? / 4star Treehouse Marcus & Tom For City Hall ! / Strangelove
Kegs & NgaFish well,well,well / where the real heads at? 7" " -on stock -
Strictly limited colored 7".Known for his numerous projects on Sublevel Epidemic ( Sofarwest ) Kegs features the Aftlerlife MC NgaFish on this 7". 4 tracks icluding instrumental versions. Audio files: well,well,well / where the real heads at?
Thesis wartime theme songs.. LP - on stock -
40min of humorous, serious, literal, metaphoric, abstract, and poetic lyrics, laid over music produced by a slew of different artists like Alias ( Anticon ), The Mole (Motion Recordings) . He also perfoms with Selfhelp as Bending Mouth and with Bleubird (Endemik/ Gunporn ) as the Swashbucklin´ Napoleons . Man [ Alias] / Fuel the fear [ Alias] / It´s our nature [ Alias]
Epic local only .. LP - on stock -
Epic drops verses about aging rappers, creditors and everyday injustice with his trademark wit and unorthodox flow.Epic enlisted the talents of some of Canada's finest
including mic rippers, Pip Skid, Micill Write, and Conspiracy, turntablist, Kutdown and beatmakers Soso,
Maki and Muneshine (Lightheaded).Audio files: middle aged white guy / running away from saskatoon / it ain´t easy

Offbeats compilation 2.1 .. LP - on stock -
Two years after the oustanding first Offbeats featuring artists like Buck65, Sixtoo and others the long-awaited part 2.1 is landed.This sequel also presents intelligent and experimental sounds with various influences and without any genre-limitations featuring JOHN TSUNAM - dead pilot / Dday_One feat. AWOL ONE, SUBTITLE, EXISTEREO, METFLY - unstable materia / BRZOWSKI - settling for less / ESCAPE ARTISTS - tasteless tongues / JOSH MARTINEZ - bless / RUSHYA [ANCIENT MITH & XNDL] - 1980 a.o great Artists like Nomar Slevik, K-The-???. JD Walker, Myn Dwun, Rajibot ...
Offbeats 2.0 CD [ digipack] 2005. -on stock-
This sequel also presents intelligent and experimental sounds with various influences and without any genre-limitations featuring JOHN TSUNAM - dead pilot / Dday_One feat. AWOL ONE, SUBTITLE, EXISTEREO, METFLY - unstable materia / BRZOWSKI - settling for less / ESCAPE ARTISTS - tasteless tongues / JOSH MARTINEZ - bless / RUSHYA [ANCIENT MITH & XNDL] - 1980 a.o great Artists like Nomar Slevik, K-The-???. JD Walker, Myn Dwun, Rajibot ...
This CD version contains 30min more material from Dj Scientist, 2nd Front, Soda (Scheiterhaufen), Xndl.
Another electronical and dark album by the Gunporn/Rushya producer and Subversiv*Rec. founder Xndl.This 16-track album presents a huge spectrum of electronical/experimental music without any genre-limitations and influences from IDM to Broken Beat and even EBM or Wave/Dark Elektro.This album ist mostly instrumental but contains 3 vocal tracks feat. SODA (Scheiterhaufen), ANCIENT MITH and BLEUBIRD and XNDL´s alter-vocalist-ego XOX.
Gunporn "pretty, pretty, please - instrumentals + bonus tracks " CD -ON STOCK - SUBVERSIV*REC 2005
The original (longer and mostly different) and remixed instrumental versions + 3 previously unreleased tracks originally projected for this first Gunporn album.4 color artwork and a mini DVD-cover. This is the 2nd edition with another printed CD-design and for a special price...
Xndl primitive music for demanding people CDR 2005. -on stock- SUBVERSIV*REC 2006
Xndl´s side-project is a brandnew strictly limited CD-EP with primitive beats, simple song structures and ass-kicking guitar-sounds... a mixture of Blues, Country, Thrashabilly and electronical madness... Features also the original Danzig "Mother" cover with Xndl on the vocals... lim.edition of 111 in a DVD-box. 8 tracks and 30min playtime. Yeehaw / Throw your pistols... / Spill the cow-blood
Gunporn "pretty, pretty, please" CD - on stock -
The first multi-national (USA/Belgium/Sweden/Germany) Gunporn album presents amazing raps on electronical beats from elektro over downbeat to drum and bass... the hiphop album for electronic-freaks presented by Bleubird, Tom + Nomad (Cavemen Speak) , Marcus (Stacs Of Stamina) , Xndl (Offbeaters).Audio samples: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04
CFX & XNDL "welcome to the planet of the apes " CDR- on stock -
Another mostly instrumental electronical album of CFX & XNDL. Presenting various styles from.Downbeat to Breakbeats. Featuring Ancient Mith , Gunporn (Bleubird, Cavemen Speak & Marcus of Stacs of Stamina). Features also a two instrumental versions of the furious electronical Hiphop-project called Gunporn* . Audio-files: decampment / dreams / wicked ambient dub bastard / the fog / save and away / rollin / bräik / one, two, step / crusade
CFX & XNDL "lofi music for a hifi society" CDR - on stock -
15 brandnew songs from CFX & XNDL including 5 vocal tracks, a Tom (Cavemen Speak) feature + a Kommando6 remix. The CD is in a special DVD-box and limited to 111 copies. Audio files: what happened to your neck? / galaxien erforschen / 1980 / conklusion / bad dream
Cfx & Xndl "the beginning" CDR> OB|002/2003 - on stock -
72min and 22 tracks of various styles of music... downbeat - elektro - d&b - soundtrack - experimental sounds... for the open minded.The first official release with lofi-sound and earlier material.Audio files: The Landing / The Plague / Sha Beat / Dancehouse


The Offbeaters promo assault 1/ CDR > OB|001/2003 - on stock -
This Compilation contains songs from Scheiterhaufen, Mnemotrauma, Why?, Cfx, SoDa, Dday_one (usa) & Xndl.17 tracks
- 74min. Promo copy.
Audio files: So-Da / Scheiterhaufen / Mnemotrauma / Why? / Xndl / Cfx / DdayOne
RushYA [Ancient Mith & Xndl] pa modern day McCarthy CD 2006 Ponowai Flora / Subversiv . -on stock-
Finally the first Rushya album is out. It took about two years but now it´s done. A collection of old and new songs presents you the sounds of Rushya. Mostly electronical production by the Gunporn producer Xndl and catchy vocals plus critical lyrics full of sarcasm by Ancient Mith.The 12 sided artwork (by Chojin) contains all lyrics and a bunch of info about this project. Limite
d edition of 2000 copies. Audiofiles: skyscraper safety | Horse and buggy... | coffinshakers
>> Dope Vinyl
Bleubird rip usa 2LP 2007 Hectic Rec . -on stock -
Finally out on 2x12" vinyl + gatefold cover and brought by the dutch label Hectic Records, the new Bleubird album. I think everybody knows this guy and how he´s sounding... it´s a must have if you like or not. Fetaures, Sole, Subtitle, Jim Wurster. We don´t have many copies and the other european distributor too so i would suggest to be fast---
Antti Szurawitzki Myöntömuoto LP 2006 Styge . -on stock -
Our mate Antti from Finland and founder of Styge rec presents once again finest analogue, jazzy and quite silent sounds for the special moments ... This time with a few excellent (Vocals) features... very good album, highly recommended. 8 tracks...

Factor famous nights and empty days LP 2006 Sideroad Rec . -on stock -
Honestly we were a little bit sceptical about collaborating on new more traditional HipHop album but our man Ancient told me "that album is dope"... and he was right. At the moment HipHop is not my favorite music but on these album there are definitely bangers you can´t like them. The tracklist is promising but the results keep the promises. Featured artists: Kirby Dominant (awsome track!), Joe Dub, Awol One, Barfly, Matre, Chaps, Def3, Existereo & Die. People who like the sound and production of the last Joey Beats album will like that too... SUBVERSIV*REC does the distribution for that release in Europe as far as i know...

Subtitle close combat train 7" 2006 HHV . -on stock -
Another release of Subtitle, one of the busiest men alive and successor of Sensational with a 7".Honestly i prefer his Labwaste-project but this 7" is nice too. The 2nd track is my fave and definitely a reason to buy that 7".4 tracks, 2 instr + 2 vocal versions.Limited edition 500. Audio files: track one / track two
CMA (Grouch and Lyckyiam) can you stay cool 12" 2005 HHV . -on stock -
In the mid nineties i used to buy all the Living Legends stuff because at that time they have been one of the best MCs for me and the productions always bouncing and still underground.Somehow i lost my interested and recently found that 12" on HHV and was quite surprised about that release and infected again. Can you stay cool is definitely one of my favorite party song these days.Jane is a groupie is good too. The instrumentals are included on this limited clear vinyl.
Dj Scientist goodbye journey ep 10" 2006 Equinox . -on stock -
The 4th and last part (as far as i know) of this 10" series brought you this time by the EQX-founder himself.Personally, i would say his best work by now and the "atarius rmx" is definitely my higlight of this series. Calm,organic sounds, nice instrumental lines and beats.The sound of the 10" is great again. Good mastering... Well just buy all of them.Limited edition 500. For audio files just check the EQUINOX REC. MYSPACE profile
Brenmar & Elissa prize pig 7" 2006 . -on stock -
After the lovely CD-EP debut the first 7" arrived at the Offbeat Mailorder. 2 Tracks, limited 7" on grey vinyl, only available here... 2 tracks of finest electronical sounds, the first one a bastard of Daedulus & Aphex Twin meets Boards Of Canada and the 2nd one a absolutely brilliant technoid Elektro-Pop song featuring Elissa. Could also be in the electronica section. I have only limited stocks available. Be fa
st ...
Arcsin uprock citizen 10" 2006 Equinox . -on stock -
Part 3 of the 10" series by Arcsin. Once again finest instrumental sounds.This time quite indie-rock influenced sounds. I think everyone who bought the last Equinox records will like that too... good one.
Project Mooncircle calderas of mind LP" 2006 HHV. . -on stock-
Finally available.The 3rd and in my opinion the best Mooncircle Project release featuring a lot of dope artists of the Botanica Del Jibaro, Mooncircle Project and even Offbeaters Family.Yes, familiar thing, definitely.
"a kind of sound for all senses, music which does not know about limits.the calderas of mind ep is standing for the negative battering things which take place in our heads.Acts like Soarse Spoken, Manuvers, Soloman Spectrum, Epstein, Seven Star, Serum, Miles, Livee’, Climber, Deviant & Gordon are included and their sound is bringing the flavor into this collaboration. "Audio-files: Miles - Knowledge / Epstein - En Sus Brazos / Soarse Spoken - Ghost In A Shell 
Dday One & Dextah split 7" 2006 Content . -on stock-
Finally available here and only here... the brandnew 7" of the U.S. Offbeaters-member Dday One and the Chicago based Dextah, This sound is minimal, analouge, dirty, jazzy and pure. For those who prefer stuff like Bully rec. Styge and of course these guys´first releases that also are available here. Limited edition of 500.
Hand-numbered and only a few available... audio files: Side A. Dday One " Sense of Balance" >> listen /
Side B. Dextah "Untitled # 541 >> listen
Of Mexican Decent push the system LP 2006 247records . -on stock-
Very nice colored 7" of these well known udergrounmd westcoast combo... OMD are 2Mex (Visionaires posse) and Xololanxinxo formerly sublevel epidemic rec.) produced by Deeskee. A strong release. Audio-files: Push The System / The Cross Is A Knife. More info at the 247records website.
Deckard noir desire 10" 2005 Equinox . -on stock -
2nd one of the 10" series from the munich guy Deckard.Finest instrumental tunes as we know and like from Equninox Rec. Check out the other 12" in the mailorder... limited on 500 again with nice artwork.
Divinci push beat 10" 2005 Equinox . -ON STOCK -
Excellent first part of the 10" series brought by D
ivinci. As we know from EQX supherb instrumental music again. This time a little bit more electronical but very well produced and composed.Lovely artwork, printed innersleeve and nice designed + a handnumbered limited edition of 500 records.What do you want more? Watch out for the next one from Deckard soon... 2 long and diversified tracks, one "Housy" and one TripHop Style.
Subtitle young dangerous heart 12" 2004 Gold Standardn . -ON STOCK -
another 12" from the half of Labwaste and weirdo-styler subtitle.For those who know...
mode selector
Mode Selector distant sounds LP " 2005 Styge . -ON STOCK -
Brandnew release on Styge Records. For fans of more quiet analogue and jazzy instrumental music as we know it from label-mates like Antti or Kaliyuga Pro or ever Dday_One...Only available at the Offbeat-Mailorder at the moment.Audio-files: Clockwork Blue / North Line / Berlin Variations / Transition
Kaliyuga Pro. mystic perspectives LP " 2005 Styge . -ON STOCK -
Brandnew and only available from us, the Styge 02 8 track-album with atmospherical and -i would say - chillout sounds for the evening. Analogue, Jazzy, Moody, deep instrumental music. The best therapy for potential serial killers. Highly recommend. Styge is the label of my mate Antti and fans of his music and maybe also Dday_One´s can buy it without any regrets. Audio files: The First Sight / A Closer Look / Life Precious Life (feat. Iwere & Ameba) / A New Point Of View for more check .
Modern Living : Buck 65, Sniper & Mystical, Rogeraudio 12" 2001 Hardleaders . -ON STOCK -
Quite unknown Buck65 feature on this UK D&B label. This 12" contains 3 D&B influenced tracks including the Buck 65 song "Three dimensional" from the "man over board" album. For collectors and people who don´t have this rare vinyl... Buck 65 - "Three Dimensional" ; Roger Audio - "The City"
Les Swashbuckling Napoleons (Thesis & Bleubird) same 7" 2004 Rightleft -ON STOCK -
The one and only release of this very good combination of awsome rappers... If you like Bleubird - buy it, if you like Thesis - buy it, if you like rare stuff and crazy artwork - buy it... just buy it.
Circus vs. Andre Afram Asmar gawd bless 2LP 2004 Mush -ON STOCK -
Shapeshifters weirdo Circus meets oriental dub sounds and more instrumental weirdness done by Andre Afram Asmar... Very stange stuff and definitely not the right record for 50cent fans.
Metfly wiggin out LP 2005 Vulgar -ON STOCK -
Well what can i say? Met Fly sounds like early Aesop Rock, but fresher i think and more straight. i actually would say one of my most hated words "funky"... honestly like Metfly more than the new Aesop Rock stuff... featuring Existero (Shapeshifters) a.o. Just listen to the mp3 files... you´ll like what you hear. Limited edition 500. Good job Vulgar... Flow Central [Listen MP3] / Chip Off The Block [Listen MP3] / Elevator Music [Listen MP3] / Never Tomorrow [Listen MP3]
Pedestrian unindian songs 2LP 2005 Anticon -ON STOCK -
"Anticon are making power moves" was an early press quote lavished on the Anticon collective around the time of the release of their first three artist albums by Sole, Deep Puddle Dynamics and Them. Now in 2005 Anticon return with even stronger power moves, this album, the upcoming Sole and the 13+God album will ensure that 2005 is Anticon's finest year to date. Long time crouching in the background the Pedestrian's character is pure early school Anticon fully drenched in hip hop's history, highly intelligent but angry at the world.
DDay_One loop extensions LP 2005 CONTENT - reSTOCK -
The first album of LA´s Offbeater Dday_One featuring finest analogue, jazzy and organic instrumental music + a remix of the song "unstable material" feat. Awol One, Subtitle, Existereo, Metfly. For friends of stuff like Anttii or Bully Records.Only a handful available straight out of Dday´s hands in LA.... Unstable Material (2) >> listen | Mixing Paint >> listen | Nigerian Soil >> listen | Dust Ritual >> listen | Distant Memory >> listen | Seeds Of Revolution >> listen
Equinox welcome to the neo golden age 2LP 2005 EQUINOX -on stock-
Finally it´s out and i think we´re the only ones who can offer this fine compilation at the moment... Mnemotrauma, DJ Scientist, Arcsin, Aqua Luminus II + other instrumentalists present their newest project and very diversified hi
gh quality music . Very good artwork and a lot of heartblood... Aqua Luminus II, ArcSin , Dj Scientist , Danny Decock
Mooncircle Project lunar orbit EP" 2005 HHVinyl -OUT OF STOCK -
After the successful part one part 2 is landed featuring Mr. Cooper, Seven Star & Manuvers, Manuva (Total Chaos), Legs (Amateur Dramatics), Bleubird, Perquisite, Betties Blues with Speck (Cyne) and Xndl... Audio samples: Bleubird - Cartoons Loves Bubbles Rmx / Perquisite - Nothing To Play This / Mr Cooper - Untitled / Perquisite - Nothing To Play This / Seven Star & Manuvers - Dawn Of Miles / Betties Blues with Speck from CYNE - We Are... / Xndl - spring / Legs Mc of Amateur Dramatics - Thats Me

Indepth / Debbie split ep -on stock -
Very good instrumental EP from these two guys. Indepth is a affiliate of the Ourplace camp and well known for his work with Nebulus or Bicasso (Living legends) and Debbie a producer from the States i think... For friends of Isolationist and all the stuff we like ... as most of our releases, strictly limited edition from 2002.Only a few copies left and the no re-stocks in the future.
N (obody) on a trial basis LP Ourplace 2005 -on stock -
This album on a dutch label features more straight hiphop for friends of artists like the Shapeshifters or maybe the Anti Pop Consortium and others... featuring DJ MOVES (CA) and Indepth. Just check the audio.files: dope was dope / clean / song of some / well
DJ SCIENTIST & MENMOTRAUMA split 7" Equinox 2004 -on stock -
Another fine limited and on clear vinyl 7" from DJ Scientist and Offbeaters-member Mnemotrauma featuring organic, boombastic sounds... Scientist´s track comes with nice drums, dynamic strings hypnoctic feeling and Mnemotrauma with slowmotions beats plus a nice 70ies vocal sample that reminds me on the "Cheers- title-meody"... Thumbs up. Audio-samples: Scientist / Mnemotrauma

Existero why knows 7" 2004 247 -ON STOCK-
Shapeshifters member with this brandnew limited (500) colored 7" on 247 Records/SWE

Mooncircle Project wisdom in chains/liberation EP" 2004 HHVinyl -ON STOCK-
An international project featuring the following artists: cyne, the world after 4/02, amateur dramatics, betties blues (bougaloo&frame), xndl (offbeaters).Limited edition 1000 .Audio files Intro / Cyne - Catharsis / The World After 4/02 - Tumbleweed / Amateur Dramatics - Time / Betties Blues - Nocturne Giss Moll / Xndl - Vortices
Equinox welcome to the neo golden age EP" 2004 Equinox music -ON STOCK-
Very good instrumental-music from this brandnew German label featuring international artists like Emynd (also on the Beyond Space Vol.1), Arcsyn, Danny Decock, Aqua Luminus II. A foretaste of the forthcoming full-lenght album.Strictly limited edition 500 on clear vinyl. Audio files: OP Wüste / G.k.S. / Positive Reinforcement / Positron Affirmation / (++) Bonus Beats
Ground Zero misantropolis same EP" 2002 Audiac music -ON STOCK-
The vinyl debut of this Equinox-based Crew.Serious German HipHop with deep lyrcis a bunch of very good instrumental tracks + turntablism.Similar to 88Komaflash (Omega Takeshi feature) "Devotion","Antagon" feat. Misanthrop + Omega Takeshi , "Panphobia" , "Take Over" , "Blowin MF" , "Bergkristall" feat. Omega Takeshi ,  "Kaya" . Definitely for fans of Third Sight.For me a similar vibe.
Haiku D´Etat .sameLP 2004 / 247 records -on stock-
Definitely a classic album and a must for fans of earlier westcoast-stuff.Never available on vinyl before and now released on a swedish fellow´s label.Abstract Rude, Aceyalone and Mikah 9 present loose and positive-vibe HipHop without any commercial ambitions plus live instruments...For the people who love the early Project Blowed Stuff. Limited Edition 500 # Audio samples: Los Dangerous / Firecracker / Non Compos Mentis

Bending Mouth .the ep LP 2004 vulgar records -RE-STOCK -
Very diversified and innovative release from Thesis Sahib (did the artwork for the subversiv*rec - deeskee album) and Selfhelp.Lot´s of musical influences, a bunch of different rap-styles and little bit rougher and more playful as most of the canadian stuff we love..Thumbs up! 9 tracks. Only a few available! Limited Edition 500 worldwide. # Audio -samples track01/ track02 / track03


88Komaflash eindringlicht EP 2003 HongKongRec -RE-STOCK -
Very deep and electronical production with turntablism-elements.German poetry-style-lyrics.Sometimes the vibe is similar to Third Sight. Including very good instrumental-parts...Check out their website:


Kareem same 12" Ramadan . -on stock-
Another release of the Ramadan Head Kareem who is also featured on the Offbeats 3 compilation. Minimal and quite dark instrumental sounds in the vein of early WordSound releases. Could be a good basis for Rappers,Djs and so on...

>> electronica / breakcore / raggacore / d&b / grime  
Mental Hell (LFO Demon) genocide memoria 2x12" 2004 Sprengstoff . -on stock-
Back on stock, the first slow-motion-dark-instrumentalism album of this well known Raggacore/Breakcore artist. People who like minimal and dark instrumental music in the vein of early Word Sound Music like Spectre or guys like Kareem will love this album.
LFO Demon same 12" Junk 2006. -on stock-
LFO Demon presents on the 1st side of the record nice Gabber-Punk-Whatever and on the other side 2 relatively smooth and deep instrumental tracks... Just ckeck out the audio-files and you know what i mean : track01
/ track02 / track03 / track04
Graveyard Crewfeat. Mic Man & CW wild wild west 12" 2005 Knifesedge. -on stock-
Very good 2nd 2step-garage-Hip-Hop-Sequel from this UK-based label.For Friends of Dizzie Rascal or early Britcore Stuff like Gunshot. 3 tracks including one instrumental.
Dj Wolfe feat. Mic Man 100% graveyard 12" 2004 Knifesedge. -on stock-
Very good 3-track 12" straight from the UK- Underground. Some would call it Grime or Garage i call it nice dancemusic with cachy Raps for shaking your ass...not as gay as the usual stuff i hear everywhere.minimal and comparatively dark production. Definitely a record i´ll play at one of my next parties... Good work. Audio-file100% Graveyard
cfx & Xndl "the plague " LP 2004 Enfant Terrible Rec. -on stock-
The first vinyl of Cfx & Xndl presents 40min outtakes of their first album "the beginning" plus previously unreleased stuff, including a Kommando6 (Radikale Analog Fraktion) Rmx of Xndl`s coverversion "Mother (Danzig".Dark, electronical and orchestral soundtracks for the next anti-party...lim. edition 500.
Audio samples: Xndl monstrous / Cfx Esined / Cfx Startrek / Xndl The Plague / Xndl Terrorizer
>> Compact Disc & Music Downloads
Calm [Time & Awareness] anti-smiles 7" 2006 . -on stock -
Finally available in Europe and only here. The first album of these two guys featuring beatyful sounds and rhymes for people who like the more straight and melodical HipHop-tunes.Calm contributed one of the best tracks of the Offbeats Vol.3 and also were featured on the "Calderas of mind" CD...
NBOne antiwinter 2nd edition CDr" 2006 NBOne . -on stock-
This re-issue of the fine German production features analogue and quite relaxed sounds and a handful of new exclusive remixes by Mattr, Misanthrop, The Mole, Thur Deephrey, Soul and XNDL.Just check out the audio-files.01. Industrial Recolt (feat. Ancient Mith) / 03. Wordless (feat. Julia) Full Track / 04. Antiwinter (feat. Julia) / 05. Fließendes Grinsen (feat. qwer) / 10. Augen zu (Misanthrop Remix) / 12. Antiwinter (The Mole Remix) Full Track
Bleubird sloppy doctor CD" 2003 Endemikl . -on stock-
We all know and love Bleubird. he´s more than busy and featured on millions of other releases... His side projects are Gunporn, Swashbucklin Napoleons and maybe hundreds more... everything doesn´t matter. This is his first album featuring artists like Sole/Alias (Anticon). The vinyl version was printed by Subversiv*Rec and is sold aout for about two years now.
Dose One hemispheres CD" 1998 Purple Guerilla. . -on stock-
A classic! Everyone who is seriously interested in experimental HipHop has to know that album. As i found that record in 1998 it was my favorite album for months. Unfortunately the vinyl is out of print and expensive on Ebay so crab that CD. It´s the beginning of Anticon, without this guy it never happened in that way.He was in the future and his rapstyle from outta space.
The Mole mutamigradadaption CD" 2006 Hectic Records. . -on stock-
Nomadic composer/ vocalist and motion recordings founder The Mole makes music which is infectious yet difficult to define – he describes it himself as future music or psych-hop. Notorious not only for daring musical concepts, The mole is a sight to behold in a live setting. When the mole performs he is a colorful blur of absurd costumes, ridiculous dance moves and energy pumped delivery. - For me Mole´s most perfected release at the moment. Millions of influences from Clowncore to Straight HipHop and even technoid stuff, Elektro-Punk and more weird sounds.Includes something like a remix of a track originally produced by Xndl for Rushya. Great album 16tracks... Audio sample:
Good vs Bad
Project Mooncircle calderas of mind Digipack" 2006 HHV. . -on stock-
Finally available.The 3rd and in my opinion the best Mooncircle Project release featuring a lot of dope artists of the Botanica Del Jibaro, Mooncircle Project and even Offbeaters Family.The CD version contains bonus tracks by Mr
.Cooper, Calm, Glen Porter, Zucchini Drive, Xndl and many more + a video clip Audio files:Glen Porter - Prolong  / Mr Cooper - Mummy Fortuna's Theatre Company  / Xndl - Still There / Bougaloo & Mr Cooper - Voyeur  /
Thur Deephrey bthe congenial genus CDr 2006 NBP . -on stock-
A very relaxed and smooth jazz-hiphop instrumental album by this QTS-producer featuring MASC & QUERS. Friends of analogue instrumentalism should check the samples.A very good soundtrack for your next holiday-trip. Audio files: 02. Light Blue / 07. But Not for Me / 12. Word Significance (feat. MASC) / 17. Impressive Occurrence / 25. Breeze / 30. Serge`s Flute Song . For friends of labels like Styge, sometimes Bully or our man Dday One... that´s my opinion. Also available on tape including bonus tracks.
ID Obelus promo overkill CDr 2006 Dread Knots . -on stock-
Brandnew ID Obelus EP featuring nice experimental and funny tracks/skits/impressions. People who like stuff like Babelfishh should check that EP out. Lovely done, makes hungry for more.Some tracks are quite short but it´s like a mix-cd. 13 tracks, ca 30min playtime.He was also featured on the Offbeats 2 compilation in 2005.
Demune crossbreeding and crafting CD 2006 Ponowai Flora . -on stock-
The brandnew album of one the most self-contained and weird MCs... Demune... i don´t know any other MC who has that kind of flow.. well what should i say
more? Either you love it or you hate it. Check the audio-files... the album is a Ponowai Flora & Subversiv*Rec. collaboration.Some tracks of this album are produced by Orphan (Plague Language). Audio-files: Find Yourself / Gemini Hybrid / Precious / Fertile/Infertile Environments
Dj Scientist III CDr 2005 Audiac . -on stock-
Excellent Mix-Cd presented by Dj Scientist (Equinox Rec) featuring a bunch of dope tracks from artists like, Boom Bip & Dose One, Misanthrop, Jep, Blockhead, Styles Of Beyond, Presage, Nobody and others... A good and relatievly quiet mix for driving down the roads of life...
B-JU analogue demo music CDr 2006 Beepahfresh . -on stock-
Beautyful collection of analgue sounds, vocal samples and turntablism. This is not the kind of music the scratching gets on everybodies nerves.This is turntablism meant in the way of making music with the turntable and not torchering you guys with noise
s...Quite funky and positive vibe, a bunch of oriental, chilln samples i would say... Mixtape feeling... very good! Thumbs up... sure shot.Definitely... This guy is not a beginner... Audio-Snippets
Zucchini Drive being kurtwood CD (digipack) 2006 2nd . -on stock-
The first album of Siaz & Marcus Graap (Cavemen Speak/ Stacs Of Stamina / World After 402/ Gunporn etc.). Electronical HipHop in the vein of 13 & God featuring artists like
Marcus Acher (Notwist), Bleubird, Pilot Balloon, Alias and others. Very good album, highly recommended... 10 tracks
AZA "biohazard " CDr -ON STOCK -
Very good 6-track instrumental EP of the German producer AZA. Quite laidback-style between Equinox-sounds and newer Odd Nosdam stuff.
Phonatic "winter sun " CDr -ON STOCK -
Another well done mix-cd after the successful "phonatic"-cd. Presents tracks from artists like Buck65, Subtle, Skyrider, P-Love, Controller 7 a.o. Limited edition of 50 copies/handnumbered.
Gunporn "pretty pretty please - japan edition " CD -ON STOCK -
Only available here at the moment and only limited stocks. We will not get any re-stocks because this release is only for the Japanese market.It features a new artwork, new mastering, 6 bonus track inlcuding one previously unreleased remix.For people who missed the first editions and for die hard fans and collectors. A very professional CD including inlet, promo-info (Japanese). Nice one... ca 70min playtime. This album is released on ULTRAVYBE.
Debmaster "monster zoo " CD HipNotik 2006 -ON STOCK -
A brandnew joint of the French HipNotik Label from the Debmaster presenting glitchy and electronical sounds with the support of outstaning Vocal artists like Curse Ov Dialect (Mush), Subtitle, Existereo, Inoer, Bleubird, Donkishot, Maitre Vitalis and old-school legend Sach (The Nonce).They call it Elektro-HipHop and they´re not wrong...15 Tracks, half instrumental , half with vocals features... Good album for people who like Stuff like the new Stacs Of Stamina... Audio files: Xplode feat. the Whyknows / Angine
Phonatic"wandern" mix-CDr-ON STOCK -
New very nice mix cd featuring artists from abstract HipHop to electronical instrumental Music... for example alias, dose one, buck 65, krush, boom bip ... very good mix and disvertified + a few turntablism excursions.Audiac records. Plastic sleeve printed CDr.
Brenmar Someday "a bit theatre " CDr -ON STOCK -
Recently somebody asked me about my favorite producers at the moment and one of them was Brenmar, This guy is definitely amazing and his productions on the highest level. Fortunately i could get a few copies of his new EP. The cd is printed and the cover is a paper sleeve with sticker. Various sounds of instrumental music feat. ADEEM and BRAD HAMERS on two tracks. 7 tracks. For audio samples check Brenmar on Myspace
Brzowski "mary shelley overdrive " CD -ON STOCK -
Brzo, well known for one of the best tracks on the last Offbeats 2.0 compilation presents his brandnew album and 17 tracks of synthie-based and mostly digital HipHop. He´s also known for his quite straight/clean but dark productions with small 80ies/New Wave influences. Featured on this professional manufactured and shrinkwrapped cd are K-THE-???, NOMAR SLEVIK, DJ MAYONAISE, , ASTRONAUTALIS and others. Tracks like "the movement" with dark D&B basslines show you what´s going on at the Milled Pavement camp.Thumbs up.Only a few available, so hurry up. It´s not for sure if i get re-stocks. These cds had a long way to the Offbeat Mailorder but it was worth to wait for them. Audio
Indepth. - expansion pack CD 2005 Ourplace. -on stock-
Very good (vocal) album of this guy featuring artists like ELIGH, BICASSO, ARATA (Living Legends). Quite jazzy stuff. Friends of the "Sources of Specialment" or N(obody) will like it.Sometimes it reminds me on Hobo Junction.Only a few available, this item is out of print. 1.Intro ft. Arata 2.Bedroom Walls 3.Bulk Cargo (remix, N & Blatta) 4.Abandonment (skit) 5.Magazines 6.Quiet Night 7.Thoughts About The Many Things ft. Eligl 8.Human Special Blend 9.Drummer Driftin' Drama 10.Super Like You 11.Josboxerd ft. Bicasso
V.A. - Hipothetik Disaster CD 2005 Hipnotik Rec. -on stock-
Fabolous compilation presented by this brandnew French electronical HipHop-label. Very good, mostly instrumental tracks with quite dark and IDM influenced sounds feat. Thavius Beck (Adlib/Global Phlowtations)- Fear Breaks the Silence mp3 / The Windbrothers - Wisdom but Rage mp3 / Debmaster - La Bête du Sous-sol mp3 / Yarr - Slasher mp3 . For people who like stuff like Gunporn, Labwaste and any type of electronical Alt-Hop...
Equinox welcome to the neo golden age CD 2005 EQUINOX -on stock-
Finally it´s out and i think we´re the only ones who can offer this fine compilation at the moment... Mnemotrauma, DJ Scientist, Arcsin, Aqua Luminus II + other instrumentalists present their newest project and very diversified hi
gh quality music . Very good artwork and a lot of heartblood... Aqua Luminus II, ArcSin , Dj Scientist , Danny Decock . This CD-version contains a amazing package.It looks like a small hardcover-book.
Dextah no boundaries CD . -on stock-
Quite funky and smooth album in the vein of for example the Ish Records stuff... jazzy samples, organic sounds... nice one . Also interesting for MCs who are looking for fresh new instrumentals... the sound is not too overloaded and has enough space for vocals, scratches whatever...
DJ Dolbee backup exec CD 2004. -re stock-
Import Mix-Cd from this well known Japanese DJ featuring lot´s of unknown and good stuff in a very nice mix... the whole spectrum of electronical music to hip hop from Bjork to Sixtoo, to Anti MC to Cyne, Speedometer, Del, Prefuse 73, Quietstorm and lots of artists i don´t know... 74min

Mattr & Friends nconsequence of thoughts CD 2005. -on stock-
This is the album of (for me now) one of the best producers in Europe.This guy comes from Swizzerland and his productions are dark, electronic, cold but intelligent and crunchy... his friends are The Mole, Terms None, Ancient Mith, Demune and all of them are featured on this CD (diggipack). This CD is awsome... Crab it, only a few available. 16 tracks, half instr half with vocals... CD of the month! definitely... including remixes from "Bloddy flags". Fertile/Infertile Environments (Will Of Steel Remix) [feat. Demune] / Darkness

>> Experimental/Poetry corner (German)

WIR (Kid Kabul,Ben & Audio88) über der einsamkeit des einzelnen ep CDr 2007 Himalaya Pop . -re-stock-
A new and more abstract poetry release on Mnemotrauma´s HimalayaPop label. Abstreact beats, abstract lyrics for people who like the deeper stuff. "Regalböden voller Erinnerungen" is awsome and probably the most straight track of this ep.Limited edition 300. For audio files check  


EinerVonUns (Audio88) & com.pare split ep CDr 2007 Knertz . -re-stock-
A brandnew split release brought by EinerVonUns (Audio88) and com.pare.Well,what can i say. Audio88 is getting better every release and sometimes he reminds me on Sole what´s not bad becasue i like this guy.Com.pare is new for me and i´m just listening to his tracks and aks me "where the hell is he coming from?". Absolutely weird, but straight productions that also could be on a earlier Why? (as i liked his stuff) album and english samples,vocals,whatever... one of the best releases in 2007 so far.No doubt.Why the hell is that release not available on vinyl? Very nice handmade digipack.lim.edition 100 i think. For audio files check


EinerVonUns aka Audio88 die ruhe traut... CDr 2007 A88 . -re-stock-
After his very good album on Mnemotrauma´s Himalaya Pop label another EP is dropped by this very nice German HipHop/Poetry Artist. Once again deep and mostly slow motion tracks with intelligent and critical lyrics.At the moment my favorite German artist. Check out the mp3: EINER VON UNS: Brustkorb. EinerVonUns = Audio88 (vocals + production)

QTS quantensprung CD 2006 NBP . -on stock-
Once again a nice production from the NBPrecordings.German, very jazzy HipHop produced by the US producer Thur Deephrey and vocals by Quer und Vidi. 19 tracks.Strictly limited edition of 111 copies. Snippets:
05. So ein paar Raps , 07. Fröhliches Lied
09. Quantensprung, 14. Mann im Kopf, 18. Kreuzgedanken
Audio88 nahaufnahmen ep CD 2006 Himalaya Pop . -on stock-
The first album of the new Label Himalaya Pop founded my Mnemotrauma.I would say the Equinox Records meets German Rap/Poetry. The production is more straight than Audio88´s former releases and brought by artists like Deckard, Aqua Luminus III, Misanthrop and Mnemotrauma. Maybe something like a smoother Scheiterhaufen Project ;).Of course the lyrics are deep and intelligent again.Not the bullshit we can hear everday and everywhere... Thumbs Up. 8 Tracls.. For audio files check the Himalaya Pop Myspace profile
Bougaloo synonym CD 2006 Jakarta . -on stock-
Finally the album of these Mooncirle Project affiliates is out. Very smooth, very professional, excellent production and lyrics. Artwork by our man Chojin, mixing by Gordon... a family project.
Nice features from affiliates like Mr.Cooper, Speck and Cyne... something for the Mooncircle and Botanica Del Jibaro friends...
88Komaflash verteidigung der zukunft CD 2006 Quiet . -on stock-
Germany´s number one love-it-or-hate-it-abstract hiphop-crew... one of the first crews that combine poetry-style-rapping with awsome quite dark productions.You can say what you want but this album is a big step forward. The raps are more fluent that in the past and the beats sound absolutely nice. A Sole (Anticon) feature fits perfectly to the rest. 15tracks. nice booklet & artwork... good job and well done by our Swiss fr
iends from Quiet Records.
Dezent zwei CDr 2005 -on stock-
Abstract and experimental German HipHop at it´s best... i don´t know how to explain because i usually don´t listen to German Rap and don´t know many of the guys. A mixture of Taktloss, Scheiterhaufen, Plague Language and SunRa... free-Jazz flavour, fast and complex rhymes. I was very surprised to hear that 8-track EP... for people who like Saarpreme will love that release too... Audio-files: Dezent01 / Dezent02 / Dezent03
Misanthrop Aphorismen CD 2005 -on stock-
Finally available here. Miasanthrop, mate of 88Komaflash and well known for his amazing live-appearances presents us lyrics and production ( some tracks are produced by Aqualuminus & Raincoatman). 15 Track one half with vocals-tracks one with very good instrumental compositions... the straightest and most HipHop related CD in this section and that´s not in a negative way. Audio files: Aphrodismen / Bluefisk (Aqualuminaticmix) /
Saarpreme Zeitvertreib CD 2005 -on stock-
Very good and German HipHop with fast and cynical rhymes. Highly recommended. This is a professional manufactured CD for a ridiculous price. Check the audio-files: saarpreme - im kopierer / saarpreme - teeloeffel voll teer
bild und ton
Audio 88 bild und ton CDR 2005 Audio88 -on stock-
German poetry-style-raps in combination with melancholic and quite slow-motion sounds. For people who like stuff from artists like early 88Komaflash, Misanthrop or Scheiterhaufen
. 13 tracks... This release is more elctronical than the "september" MCDR. Very experimental stuff, definitely nothing for the dancefloor. Poems ´n music... Audio-files: Atomkriege bewegen uns / Leid und Tourismus / Bild und Ton / Fortschritt /
Audio 88 september MCDr 2005 Audio88 -out of stock-
German poetry-style-raps in combination with melancholic and quite slow-motion sounds. For people who like stuff from artists like early 88Komaflash,Misanthrop (also featured on this release) or Scheiterhaufen, 8 tracks... "winterurlaub" is my favourite on that release... audio-files: Winterurlaub / Welt aus Plastik / Existenz schmerzt
Zwangsenteignung mezzo & dezent CDr 2005 Katapultklänge -on stock-
German experimental poetry-hiphop on Berlin´s Katapultklänge... more HipHop-related than Strahle´s stuff. I´m not a German Hiphop expert but there were a few moments it reminded me of Taktloss (maybe it´s the voice of one guy)... i don´t know why... just check it out and form your opinion. schreibtischdynastie . 5 tracks, ca 18min playtime
Strahle aus der hingabe MCD 2005 Katapultklänge -on stock-
German poetry-n-beats from Berlin´s Katapultklänge Label. 5 tracks in very nice dvd-cover-packaging... quite jazzy and abstract stuff, mostly slow-mo style... friends of Scheiterhaufen and German poetry should check it out... Selbstbilder . 5 tracks ca 18min playtime

Scheiterhaufen "o.k.!" CDR > OB|003/2003
Scheiterhaufen sind soda (mc/produktion), s.o. (mc) und zapotek alias mnemotrauma (produktion/turntables).Deutscher rap, als hätte es Gestern keinen gegeben. Scheiterhaufen bewegt sich jenseits von ausgetretenen pfaden und im toten winkel jedes scheuklappenträgers. eine herausforderung... Audio files
: scheiße ist leise / traum / das ego / reizüberflutung

>> Tapes / DVD/ Download
Thur Deephrey bthe congenial genus TAPE 2006 NBP . -on stock-
A very relaxed and smooth jazz-hiphop instrumental album by this QTS-producer featuring MASC & QUERS. Friends of analogue instrumentalism should check the samples.A very good soundtrack for your next holiday-trip. Audio files: 02. Light Blue / 07. But Not for Me / 12. Word Significance (feat. MASC) / 17. Impressive Occurrence / 25. Breeze / 30. Serge`s Flute Song . For friends of labels like Styge, sometimes Bully or our man Dday One... that´s my opinion. Also available on tape including bonus tracks.

Xndl "progress" / mix cdr > 2003 - FREE DOWNLOAD from HIPHOPCORE (FR)
30min mix feat. Sixtoo, Neotropic & Dose One, Alias, Savath & Savalas, Daedulus,Why? and other great artists plus 30min previously unreleased material from CFX & XNDL: Audio tracks: star trek / engel / death ride / the landing part 2


  XNDL"16bit" CD -DOWNLOAD from iTunes--
Another electronical and dark album by the Gunporn/Rushya producer and Subversiv*Rec. founder Xndl.This 16-track album presents a huge spectrum of electronical/experimental music without any genre-limitations and influences from IDM to Broken Beat and even EBM or Wave/Dark Elektro.This album ist mostly instrumental but contains 3 vocal tracks feat. SODA (Scheiterhaufen), ANCIENT MITH and BLEUBIRD and XNDL´s alter-vocalist-ego XOX.
Each song is 0,99cent and the whole album is 9,99€. Just klick the iTunes button >>>>>>>
Compilation, Vol. 2
  Offbeats 2.0 CD [ digipack] 2005. -DOWNLOAD from iTunes--
This sequel also presents intelligent and experimental sounds with various influences and without any genre-limitations featuring JOHN TSUNAM - dead pilot / Dday_One feat. AWOL ONE, SUBTITLE, EXISTEREO, METFLY - unstable materia / BRZOWSKI - settling for less / ESCAPE ARTISTS - tasteless tongues / JOSH MARTINEZ - bless / RUSHYA [ANCIENT MITH & XNDL] - 1980 a.o great Artists like Nomar Slevik, K-The-???. JD Walker, Myn Dwun, Rajibot ...
This CD version contains 30min more material from Dj Scientist, 2nd Front, Soda (Scheiterhaufen), Xndl. This is the download version.
Compilation, Vol. 2
Sircut blending & blending / promo-mixtape Tape+ CD > 2004 -on stock-
Excellent mixtape from this offbeaters-member and turntablist sircut presenting very good abstract-hiphop like proliteariots, sixtoo , alias, even rare stuff like object beeings a.o. plus very good turntablism insets PLUS a mini-format-CD from BUBASOK including 3 songs... a sure shot, special price.
Simulacron dark-shots/ DVD > 2006 -on stock-
This is a very nice DVD presenting video-clips and music from the KOMMANDO 6 dark-elektro label.It´s a professional manufactured DVD with 10 video-clips + 4 bonus clips including a scratch session of XNDL on a K6 records beat.(57min playtime)The lineup for the DVD is Black Spider Clan, Slick Rogers, Beta Evers, C.Kent, der Unsichtbare a.o. More info here . The DVD is limited on 300 copies.
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SUBVERSION event series III> on stock
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"Equinox Records - logo " > Equinox -on stock-
>> brand-new shirt of the Equinox label.Good work!
T-shirt, size MEDIUM / black shirt
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